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Livon Hair Serum

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The Ordinary Multi Peptide Serum for Hair Density

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Shine bright with Hair serum brilliance

Are you seeking ways to get a hair upgrade? Is oiling not providing reliable results to your hair? Then you simply need to revamp your hair care routine. Do you know that hair serums are a super quick and fun way to protect your hair from environmental damage? It is a liquid that sits on the hair to make it look sleek and shiny. Applying hair growth serum adds a protective layer by making the hair smooth and reflect the light.
So, provide ultimate nourishment to your hair with the vast hair serum.

Say hello to the shiny and gorgeous hair

Are you wondering how to use a good hair serum? Do you need long-lasting results even after its first application? Then let us address you with the best answers.

Hair serum controls the frizz. It treats rough and dry hair by adding glam to make the hair easy to manage. You can add a protective layer to your hair with hair serum by following simple steps.

  • Wash your hair with a good massage.
  • Dry your hair by leaving a little dampness.
  • Now take a few drops of hair serum on your palms and rub through them.
  • Just gently apply by pressing the palms over the frizzy areas of hair.
  • Remember do not apply the serum directly onto the hair. Just rub a little to warm the product which helps to perform faster and better.
  • The application should be from the bottom to the middle strands.
  • Make sure to spread the serum evenly and detangle the hair with your fingers.
  • Do not apply serum on the scalp directly because it may give a greasy look.
  • Remember only the small quantity like 4 to 5 drops will work great.

Healthy Hair means Happy you

No matter what type of hair you have, hair density serum brings the best of your frizzy, curly, or wavy hair. It is proven to enhance the smoothness of the hair which looks amazing. It also protects the strands from heat damage, chemical processing damage, and environmental stress.

Hair serums actually have a revolutionary formula to keep the hair looking shiny. Moreover, it supports the hair to grow healthier and stronger. So, pick the right serum and add it to your hair care routine.

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