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Balance 15% Niacinamide Blemish Recovery Serum

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La Roche Posay Salicylic Acid Ance Treatment Serum

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Pimple battle ends with the Acne serum

You wake up in the morning, see your face in the mirror, and BAMP… There is a pimple on your face. You will get anxious to get rid of it. As you have to attend an event in a week. You will seek instant products to get rid of a pimple. However, you are wondering that you did follow the skincare routine but still have a new pimple???

It may be because you didn’t follow up on the proper skincare routine or you may have added any new product. Or there may be a chance you end up having too many oily snacks that trigger the acne. No matter what the reason should be, it is essential to use a good acne serum and add it to your daily skincare regimen.

So, read on and apply the products in the right order.

How to layer the skincare products with acne serum?

Yes, the hectic AM routine is about nourishing and moisturizing the skin with relevant antioxidants and vitamins. So, the proper application routine to keep the skin healthy and acne-free.

  • Step 1: Cleanse your skin with a gentle face wash especially when you have acne-prone skin. Use a clean and dry tissue to wipe off excess water. Avoid using a towel on the face.
  • Step 2: Do not skip using toner because it balances the pH level. Use the toner according to your skin type.
  • Step 3: Apply the antioxidant serum according to your skin type to protect the skin against UV rays or environmental damage.
  • Step 4: Now go for the acne serum which reduces the occasional pimples or blemishes. If you have a big blemish, go for the acne serum right after the toner. And if the pimple or blemishes are not so bad, it is best to go for the spot treatment twice a day just before moisturizer.
  • Step 5: It’s time to hydrate the skin with a good hydration serum.
  • Step 6: Even after the hydration serum you need to go for the moisturizer because it coats and protects the skin. However, if your skin is too dry, go for moisturizer otherwise hydration serum does have a powerful influence on your skin.

Why to use?

Acne serums help to make pimples & scars disappear. It reduces inflammation instantly and makes the breakouts less noticeable. These serums work like magic to give clear skin. The acne serums have active ingredients. Only 3 or 4 drops will be used and spreads perfectly on the face. They are powerful enough to deliver results in one or two applications after an adequate dose.

Say Yes to the clear skin

Now you have a good understanding on how to apply the acne serum. If you have breakouts, do use a great acne serum targeting the acne. You will start noticing radiant and acne-free skin within two weeks. Just get your hands on the best serum based on the skin type.

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