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CeraVe Resurfacing Retinol Serum


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The resurfacing retinol serum fades out acne marks and diminishes the appearance of open pores. It locks in moisture and restores the skin barrier giving you brighter and plumper skin.

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SKU: CRRS0132009

Time to say goodbye to those stubborn acne-marks and open pores. This lightweight gel is your only way to treat hyperpigmentation and uneven complexion. It brightens the skin tone and fades out acne marks. It exfoliates the skin and smoothens fine lines, rough, and patchy skin. It traps moisture to make the skin hydrated and healthier. Brighten the skin appearance with the strong encapsulated retinol. The powerful ingredients speed up the skin cell regeneration and minimizes the spots, and fine lines.

Concern Benefit
Open Pores Reduces the appearance of open pores
Hyperpigmentation Diminishes stubborn acne marks
Fine Lines Fades fine lines and makes the skin plumper
Uneven Complexion Makes the complexion brighter
Rough Skin Restores the skin barrier and smoothens rough skin

This Serum Helps With:

  • Inflammation and post break-out blemishes
  • Calming irritated skin
  • Reducing fine lines and open pores
  • Evens out complexion
  • Regulates oil production
  • Restoring the protective barrier of the skin


  • It works wonders on acne-prone oily skin and regulates excess oil production
  • Retinol helps with fine lines and rough skin
  • Ingredients like licorice root extract help with lightening complexion
  • It delivers ceramides to restore dry-damaged skin
  • The Niacinamide hydrates the outer layer of the skin
  • It takes only 2 weeks for spots to start fading

How to Use:

  • Use this daily in night to achieve flawless bright skin
  • Apply a few drops after a cleanser and before a moisturizer
  • Do not rinse it off
  • Always use sunscreen in the morning to avoid photosensitivity
  • This clear white get can be used for up to a year once opened
  • This serum is best for all skin types
  • Do not forget to moisturize, especially if you have dry skin, to complete your skincare regime

Side Effects:

If you experience irritation, discontinue using the product. Ingredients like retinol are not considered safe for pregnant and nursing moms. It is important to consult your physician before using this product.


Always do a patch test before using other serums with the product.



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